Why is CBD So Expensive?

Why is CBD So Expensive?


A lot of CBD suppliers will only answer certain questions in private message boxes, but since the outset, we’ve promised openness and honesty here at P&H, and to that end, we are going to tackle a question that comes up from time to time from our beloved customers, why is CBD so expensive? 

There’s more to this question that just that too, because similar looking CBD products can be priced very differently for seemingly no reason. Truth is, sometimes there is a reason, and sometimes there isn’t. 

Before we get into the intricacies of CBD pricing, there’s something that must be discussed first. 


Snake Oil Merchants

This title is probably unfair, but it’s the quickest way we could phrase what we are about to talk about. 

The dirty truth that many won’t admit about the CBD industry is that despite sales flying up in recent years, there is still very little regulation attached to the industry. 

As a result, there is not a lot in terms of checking about the quality of products and their pricing, and as a result, some people will choose to take advantage, that is just the unfortunate world we live in. 

That means that sometimes, high priced CBD products are priced high for one reason and one reason only, because the merchant wants to make more money. 

This people are normally easy to spot, but if you’re not sure, put some online research into the company, and if you’re still unsure, we’d advise not buying from that seller. 


Genuine Reasons for CBD Pricing Differences

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s discuss some of the genuine reasons that the price of CBD can be high, and why it can differ between sellers. 



Some people may claim that CBD isolate products have to be more expensive, and that seems logical, as isolating CBD feels like it should be a complex process, but actually CBD isolate is substantially cheaper to produce than full spectrum CBD. This is because it’s actually easier to take things out of CBD than it is to keep them in. 

Full-spectrum CBD is important for the Entourage Effect, essentially the assumed added benefit that comes from CBD being combined with other natural elements of the hemp plants it’s taken from, including essential oils, terpenes, and trace amounts of THC. 

To ensure full-spectrum CBD is as full spectrum as it claims to be, it takes a lot of work, and the more work that goes in, the more it costs the developer, but in turn, the higher the quality of the product. 

This essentially means that the case should be (and usually is, from trusted merchants) that the more expensive a CBD product is, the higher the quality of the product. So you can spend less if you want or need to, but you will be sacrificing a certain level of quality as a result. 


Fair Pay for Farmers

Here’s one that means a lot to us at P&H. When the price of a product is lower than the average, you have to consider where that money is being saved. If it isn’t being saved on quality, it is often being saved as a result of underpaying those who produce the product itself. 

Since our inception, we have always been very honest about the fact that we will always pay the farmers and the scientists we use a fair wage, even if that means we can’t drop the prices of our products as much as others may. 

For us, those involved at every stage of the development process are of equal importance, and the CBD revolution should not only benefit those at the top, but should be able to benefit people at every level. 

To that end, the prices of our CBD products are kept as low as possible, but they reflect two things, firstly the quality of the products we sell, and secondly, the fact that fair pay is being given all the way down the line. 


Do you have any questions about CBD Pricing? Feel free to drop us a comment below. 

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