What Does CBD Look Like?

What Does CBD Look Like?


So, it’s a big question, what does CBD look like? (DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BI… okay, not the time for Pulp Fiction references, sorry…). 

The answer to that question sort of depends on what CBD products it is that you’re dealing with. Similarly to THC, the appearance of CBD changes somewhat depending on its form. 


CBD Flower 

The most natural-looking CBD you can find comes in the shape of natural CBD flower, which will look… familiar to some. But still, this is a broad spectrum CBD containing various other things such as essential oils and terpenes (more on terpenes here). 

CBD flower is one of the prettiest forms of CBD, without a doubt, but is it the closest you get to know what CBD actually looks like? 


CBD Isolate

CBD isolate has fallen out of favour in recent years. Once thought to be the pinnacle of CBD in terms of having the most potent effect, the school of thought has changed as of late. 

Now it is believed that the oils and terpenes (and more) mentioned above make broad-spectrum CBD the epitome of CBD as opposed to isolate. 

That being said, if it is a question of what CBD looks like, then CBD isolate, which is, as the name suggests, an isolated form of CBD with everything else removed, is probably the best way to answer the question. 

This sheer white crystals certainly don’t look like what you may think of when picturing CBD (in fact, they may look much more like other things that are substantially less socially acceptable, and for good reason) but this is CBD in its raw form. 


What do CBD Products Look Like?

So, what if the question isn’t abut CBD itself, but the products that are available? Well, we’re obviously happy to take that question on too. 

We’ve discussed CBD flower, but what about the other products? 

Well, the truth is CBD products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. From CBD oils, which are similar in look to the average essential oil you buy from your favourite hippy shop, to CBD edibles, which vary greatly, from gummy bears, to chocolate bites, to honey


Does CBD Look Suspicious? 

Okay, so we are aware that when asking the question what does CBD look like? You may in fact be asking this question, basically, does it look like something you’re going to be stopped in the street, at work, or at an airport for carrying. 

That essentially depends on the form of CBD. If you are carrying a baggy of CBD isolate and that gets found, you can plausibly expect some questions, same as if you have a nice dense bud of CBD flower. 

As long as you are somewhere that CBD is legal, then this should be easy enough to explain, but it is wise to be sensible when it comes to how you carry your CBD products around. 

Essentially, CBD is as suspicious as you make it look. The sensible advice is to hang on to the original packaging and don’t go swinging it around in public if you don’t want people to ask questions. 

So, there are a lot of answers in this article, to a lot of different variations of the same question, but the ultimate answer is that CBD can pretty much look like whatever you choose to have it look like, you can make CBD butter and make yourself a nice cake if you want, and then CBD will look like a tasty cake… well, kind of. 


What’s your favourite form of CBD? And what is the form of CBD you find most visually pleasing? Do they match up? Let us know in the comments below.

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