What Can Affect How CBD Works?

What Can Affect How CBD Works?


So you’ve been using CBD for a while, but suddenly there’s a change, either the effects are greater, or lighter, or maybe they’ve disappeared completely? Or maybe you’re using the same amount as your friend, but experiencing completely different results. What can affect how CBD works? And how can those effects be counteracted? 

There’s a few different reasons why CBD may be affected by other things. This isn’t an article about why CBD may stop working, we have that here, but it may cover some of the same ground. 

That said, it’s worth exploring, so let’s get into what can affect how CBD works. 



This is a big one. The CBD industry lacks regulation in comparison to a variety of other industries, mainly due to the confusion about legality in many places, and legalisation being relatively new in others. 

As a result of this rather lax regulation, there is the possibility for some to sell CBD products that are, to say the least, somewhat inferior in quality. 

A low-quality CBD product is simply going to be less effective than a high-quality version, and in some cases may contain less CBD that stated on the label, or even none at all. 

Hopefully, regulation will be put in place soon that can guarantee some level of quality control. Until then, the best bet is to buy your products from those of us (and there’s no shortage) who ensure that we only sell high-quality products and carry out our own quality tests to make sure that is always the case. 


Your Body

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it until the cows come home, and then after they get home, then when they go back out again, and we’ll still be saying it when their great-great-grandchildren are getting home, everybody’s body is different. 

Your tolerance for CBD, and how it affects you, is entirely individual to you and will not be the same as the next person’s. 

You may find that you immediately have a high-tolerance for CBD, or that you actually need a lower dose, whatever the case, there is no suggestion that tolerance is built up, meaning that when you find the right dosage for you, you should be able to stick with it. 

If you start with a low-level dose and it isn’t doing what you expect, raise your dosage slightly, and then stop when you get where you want to be. 


Alcohol and Medications 

Before anything else here, if you are on any other medication, talk to your doctor before trying CBD, as there is the possibility that the cannabinoid can negatively affect certain medications. 

If you’ve got the all-clear from your doctor, be aware that medications could potentially alter the effectiveness of CBD. 

The same applies to alcohol, if you drink heavily when using CBD, it may have an impact on the effects. 

Interestingly, anecdotal evidence suggests that these effects could go either way, enhancing or depleting the effects. Some have reported feeling particularly drowsy when drinking and using CBD, whereas others have suggested that any effects of CBD have been numbed as a result of drinking. 

It’s entirely possible that both ways are true, but either way, it seems at least possible that both medication and alcohol, as well as anything else that is in any way mind-altering, could have an impact on the effects of CBD. 

There are undoubtedly various other factors that may be discovered to affect how CBD works, but the logical thing to remember is that if it alters your mood or body in any way, it’s likely to have some level of impact on CBD products that you take. 

That said, as long as you know the right dosage for you, and stick to high-quality products, you should still be able to enjoy your CBD journey. As always, shoot us a message if you have any doubts or questions. 


What do you think affects how CBD works? Let us know in the comments below.

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