The truth about CBD rates

The truth about CBD rates


CBD is on the rise and the market is still young and that undoubtedly means… unregulated. Some dishonest CBD stores and online sites are not hesitating to post impossibly high Cannabinoid rates.

So much so that people are starting to think that a rate of 20% CBD in flowers is now the norm in Europe!


To fully understand the different levels contained in CBD flowers, we have to understand the concept of the THC/CBD ratio.

A little unknown fact is that the Hemp Sativa L plant produces a flower of which THC/CBD ratio is between 1/20 and 1/40. It is these ratios that are a genetic glass ceilings making it impossible for the Hemp plant to out-produce.

That is to say that, when the THC level of the flower is 1% then the CBD level will be between 20% to 40%. This is a genetic issue of which there is no exception to this rule.

This is where the interesting and crucial part comes in for you guys, as you know, in Europe, the maximum authorized THC level is 0.2%.

To avoid any risk of exceeding this maximum rate, growers take a precautionary margin and produce flowers with a THC level of around 0.15%.

So by applying the simple calculation of the ratio outlined above, for a very high-quality flower, grown in exceptional indoor conditions:

0.15% THC x 20 = 3% CBD

0.15% THC x 40 = 6% CBD

So for a THC level of 0.15%, the CBD level will be on average between 3% and 6%.

This means that it is impossible to get a CBD level higher than 8%!!!

So why do some sellers certify rates higher than 8%?

1- Laboratory analyzes are falsified.

With some knowledge of Photoshop software, it is very easy to modify the analysis results. An outright scam that falls under criminal prosecution by local and federal authorities.

2- The CBD flower samples sent to the laboratory are sprayed with a soluble solution enriched with cannabidiol or sprinkled with solid crystals of pure CBD.

Lab tests will show extraordinary rates but don’t dream guys, your flowers will not benefit from such a rate because these procedures are extremely expensive.

Or worse yet, you risk buying flowers sprayed with a cheap synthetic chemical formula, dangerous for your health.

3- The THC level is greater than 0.2%.

The risk is enormous for both the seller and the consumer.

You think you have legal flowers, but you actually own an illicit product.

So guys, now you know more about the reality of CBD rates and can easily spot scams!


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