Is CBD Good for Tattoos?


CBD and tattoos, the conversation has certainly been picking up as of late, with various opinions from multiple sides of the discussion. So, allow us to throw in our 2 cents on whether CBD is good for tattoos. 

Many people don’t realise that the tattoo world has been low-key at the forefront of experimentation when it comes to various potential healing products for some time, especially when it comes to those that can be used in topical applications. 

If you’ve ever had a tattoo, the chances are you understand, anything that can lessen the pain and the incessant itching during and especially after a tattoo is more than welcome. 


The Rise of CBD Tattoo Creams

If you’ve been to a tattooist or a tattoo festival as of late, the chances are you’ve noticed that CBD balms and creams are suddenly everywhere, there are a lot of artists who sing the praises of CBD creams for reducing pain and itchiness associated with tattoos. 

Obviously, tattoo artists’ opinions matter, but what really makes the difference is the word of those who have got tattoos and used these creams, and while anecdotal evidence is mixed, as it often is, many tattoo lovers have made it clear when talking to us that they have no interest in going back. 

One tattoo covered lady we spoke to (okay so she’s dating one of us, but still, we spoke to her) said: 

“I wouldn’t necessarily have tried it if I hadn’t been advised to, but my long-term tattoo artist swears by it, so I thought I’d give it a go. 

“Man, the difference it made. Surprisingly, considering how many tattoos I have, I don’t enjoy getting them, my pain threshold is low, and they hurt a lot. My artist started by using a normal tattoo balm when doing my most recent tattoo, a big, detailed piece on my calf, and then switched to a CBD cream, and the second four hours of my tattoo was less painful than the first four as a result, which is not normally how it works!”

One tattoo artist we spoke to had a similar, but much more concise opinion on the matter:

“When I used CBD cream, people complain about the painless, so I only use that now.”


The Science Behind Is CBD Good for Tattoos?

Topical application has been a popular way of using CBD since early on in the recent CBD revolution. 

Some are hesitant when it comes to taking in CBD, whether that be via oil, dry flower, vape, or any other way. For these people, creams and balms are a more comfortable way to try the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that everybody seems to be talking about. 

We provide various creams and balms including patches, cream, and even toothpaste, and they have been top sellers for us since the early days of P&H. 

But why? What is the science behind the topical application of CBD, be it on burns, dry skin, or fresh tattoos? 

As with much of the CBD world, the science is still underway into why, and indeed if topical application works, but there is logic to it that is currently being explored. 

The combination of essential oils, terpenes, and CBD found in broad-spectrum balms and creams has the potential to provide pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties, which is good for tattoo people, because the first deals with the pain, and the second deals with the itchiness. 

Creams may also aid in soothing inflammatory skin conditions outside of those caused by new tattoos, including mild dermatitis and mild eczema. 

Whether CBD creams do have these benefits is still up for debate, and it may be a while until science is ready to make a firm statement on the matter. 

However, in the meantime, there are numerous anecdotal statements like those mentioned above about the effectiveness of CBD creams, and more and more of those are coming from the tattoo world. 


Do you use CBD creams for relief during and after tattoos? Does it work for you? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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