How to Start a CBD Business?

How to Start a CBD Business?


So you want to start a CBD business. It’s a logical thing to be thinking about, after all the industry is flying. But how do you become a CBD distributor? 

First, there’s a few questions to ask. Firstly, do you care about CBD and the industry? Secondly, are you willing to put the work in necessary to succeed in what is only going to become an increasingly competitive industry? Thirdly, do you have a unique angle or approach that will help you stand out? And fourthly, do you have the spare time you need for set up?

If the answer to all four of those questions is yes, then we can continue the conversation. 


How to Start a CBD Business

The first question to answer is what approach are you going to take? While there are a few different ways to go, they basically fall into two categories, CBD distributor, or CBD affiliate. 

There are benefits to both options, so let’s take a look at them separately. 


How to Become a CBD Distributor

In order to be a CBD distributor there’s a couple of things you’re going to need in advance, one is money, and the other is space. 

Basically if you’re distributing, you’re going to need stock, and stock needs to be bought, and needs to be stored. 

Your next choice is what you are going to distribute? Are you going to sell all manners of CBD products? Or something specific. 

If you fancy trying your hand at CBD flower wholesale distribution, give us a shout, we’re here to help. 

There are advantages to distribution. You get to control your own business, pick your own stock, and run your own marketing however you choose (within regulation). You will also take all of the profit for every sale. 

On the flipside, however, it takes a huge amount of work, and the risk levels are high, as you have to buy stock wholesale on the assumption that you’ll sell it all. 

This is a high risk, potentially high reward strategy. 


How to Become a CBD Affiliate

This is a much simpler option and one that most people tend to take at this point. Affiliate marketing has become a huge part of the online world, and is an excellent way to make passive income, i.e. making money without having to work for it. 

Obviously, it isn’t that easy, there are efforts to be made in terms of set-up, and many things to be aware of. If you want a detailed breakdown of the work that goes into being an affiliate, and how being an affiliate works, check out our articles here

Put simply, an affiliate is an organisation that links to products for sale by CBD distributors, if users of the affiliate site make purchases through these links, the affiliate gets a cut of the profit, it’s a simple win-win situation. 

Again, this method isn’t without disadvantages, set-up takes some effort, and it takes a while for the profits to really start building up, also profit margins are smaller than distributing yourself. 

However, when you consider there is basically zero set-up cost (it costs nothing to be an affiliate, you don’t even need a website, some do it just through social media pages), no need for storage, and ultimately the ability for your profits to build up with you doing very little apart from occasionally posting on your website or social media pages, affiliate marketing definitely stands out as the best way to go. 

At Plant & Hemp, we have an affiliate program, and we’d be delighted to discuss it with you further, so just shoot us over a message at any time, and we’ll chat the details through with you. 


Are you a CBD Distributor or CBD Affiliate? How did you get set up? How’s it going for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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