How to Make CBD Tea?

How to Make CBD Tea?


There is an impressively wide range of CBD product s consider the relatively young nature of the industry, and numerous ways in which they can be used. One of the most interesting is CBD tea. But how do you make CBD tea? And does it actually taste good? 

There’s a couple of British people amongst the P&H staff wandering around headquarters, and it is no surprise that we (for I am one of them) are constantly and immensely interested in all the different ways in which tea can be made, because tea is our national pastime, in fact, P&H HQ shuts down at 4.20 every day, not for the reason you may assume, but so we can all have tea and biscuits, because without tea and biscuits, what is life? 

Anyway, that’s enough about the importance of tea in general, we’re not here to argue about whether Yorkshire or PG Tips is the best option (it’s Yorkshire, by the way, Yorkshire Gold specifically, no discussion to be had) but to discuss how to make CBD tea, so let’s get into it. 


How to Make CBD Tea

There are some simple ways to make CBD tea, for example, just place some stems in a cup of your favourite herbal tea and enjoy the added flavour, but we know you’re not there for that advice. 

So lets’ get into the two different methods for making CBD tea that we like to use in the office. (We’ve given them ‘cool’ sounding names because we’re totally those kind of people, and we’re not sorry). 


The Split and Rebuild Method

A simple yet effective method of making CBD tea, all you need is some CBD flower, a teabag of your favourite tea, a coffee filter, and some patience. Here’s the method.

  1. Take your teabag, and ensuring you don’t spill anything, rip that f*cker open. 
  2. Mix your CBD flower with the ingredients of your former teabag
  3. Take a coffee filter and cut it into a rectangle
  4. Place your CBD tea formula into the middle of the ‘bag’
  5. Fold the sides over until you create a teabag shape of your choice (square, rectangle, pyramid, your call here)
  6. Seal the bag (we use staples, but whatever method that doesn’t involve glue or anything else that can contaminate your tea)

[Note – If you’ve ripped your teabag carefully enough, you may just be able to reseal that]

  1. Pop your bag in a mug, add hot water, let it brew for a while, then enjoy! 


The Quicker, More Sensible, but Less Fun Method

We won’t break this one down as a recipe because it’s exceedingly simple. Basically, instead of the above, get loose leaf tea, mix it with crumbled CBD flower, and whack it in a teapot. Fill the teapot with hot water, then strain it into your cup. 

Yes, it’s easier, but you don’t get to rip up a teabag or build your own, so you know, whatever you’re into. 


Our Favourite CBD Tea Mixes

This is very much a question of taste, to see what CBD flower you like to blend with what tea bases to create whatever you’re after, here are a few of our favourites though. 


Red Fruit Funkstravaganza

Take a red fruit tea mix, and add our Strawberry CBD flower, the result is a fruit concoction that lingers on the lips for a pleasing amount of time. 


Like some tang with your sweetness? Mix up our GMO Cookie CBD flower with a peppermint tea mix for the highest in flavour mix combinations. 


Smooth, Bitter, and… I Forget

I named this one, and I don’t care what you think, it makes me giggle. Basically, mix black tea with Amnesia CBD flower, it’s proper tasty. 


It’s Chocolate and Banana, So What If It’s Not Tea?

So this one isn’t the catchiest of names, and it breaks the rules a bit, but try it, and then tell us you want to complain! 

Mix up a hot chocolate (preferably in a small jug with a spout, and stir in our Banana Kush CBD flower. Once you’ve let it brew for a bit, strain it into a cup, and you’ll have a chocolate banana taste sensation. 


What’s your Favourite CBD Tea Recipe? Let us know in the comments below.  

CBD Ireland? We are here!



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