How To Make CBD Oil Taste Better?

How To Make CBD Oil Taste Better?


So, you’ve done the research, you’ve had the necessary discussions with yourself, you’ve read our articles and all the scientific studies you can find, and you want to try it, but now you’ve found a new question, how to make CBD oil taste better?

Let’s face it, there are nicer tasting things in the world than CBD oil, in fact, for certain taste buds, it can be positively yucky. 

This isn’t true of everyone (one of us in the office can’t stand the taste of CBD, another absolutely loves it, and everyone else maintains a firm indifference) but for those that do experience it, we’re here to explain how to make CBD taste better. 


Masking the Taste of CBD

The first way to change the taste of CBD oil is not to do anything to the oil itself, but instead to mask it. A popular method is to brush your teeth directly before using CBD oil, this won’t take away the bitter taste, but it should soften it enough for comfort. 

If you fancy cutting out the middle man on that one, we have this CBD toothpaste available that let’s you do both at once. 

Masking the flavour of CBD is a pretty personal choice, but anything with a strong flavour, mint, coffee, etc. We’ve also heard that being… generous to your lover directly before taking CBD oil can also aid in softening the bitter taste somewhat, we don’t know if that’s true, but there’s certainly no harm in trying. 


Changing the Taste of CBD

Masking the taste of CBD oil isn’t the only way, you can also alter it, basically by adding it to something else. 

We mentioned coffee above and it’s right to do that again here, as a few drops of CBD oil in coffee is a favourite at P&H HQ, it’s how many of us start our day. 

The options here are, again, limitless, you can add CBD oil to your favourite hot drink, juice, or smoothie, or add a few drops to any meal you fancy, if you fancy getting real creative, you can use the bitter flavour to tweak the taste of a favourite dish (we’ve tried to replace red wine with CBD in Bolognese and it actually worked pretty well). 


Letting Us Do the Work

If you are really against the taste of CBD oil, and you’re intent that no amount of masking or changing of the flavour (or romantic generosity) can take that away, then it’s time for you to take a look at our other CBD products, because we have a multitude of ways for you to avoid the taste of CBD oil. 

Edibles are a popular way, and for good reason, we’ll give you a recommendation from the person writing this, and one from each of the two people currently in earshot of them here. 

For me, it’s all about these dark chocolate bites, seriously, once you’ve had CBD infused dark chocolate, it’ll never feel right to go back to normal dark chocolate again, it just won’t be the same. Here, the bitterness is used perfectly and adds a whole new dimension to an already near-perfect snack. 

The first dude to answer my call across the office was concise in their response “gummy bears, mate”. If you favour the sweeter option, these gummy bears are a fine choice, to be fair, they’re chewy, they’re tasty, and you won’t even notice the presence of CBD until the potential chill sensation that may follow the consumption of them. Be aware though, you won’t only be able to have one of these. 

For, let’s face it, the most mature member of the P&H family, the recommendation is this CBD honey. It’s hard to argue, too, because this honest is properly amazing. It’s sweet, its creamy, it’s perfect on bread, in porridge, or in a world of other ways, and as with the gummy bears, the flavour covers any bitterness from the CBD completely. 


What’s your favourite way to mask or change the flavour of CBD Oil? Let us know in the comments, if it’s a proper genius idea, we’ll add it to the article and give you credit. 

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