How to Bake – CBD Chocolate Cake

How to Bake – CBD Chocolate Cake


So, as the start of a new series of articles, ‘How to Bake’, welcome to How to Bake CBD Chocolate Cake. 

If you read our How to Make CBD Butter article, you would’ve seen mention of one of our favourite CBD based baked pieces of heavenliness that we like to call Chocco CBD Carnival Cake of Craziness. 

If you thought we’d mention that without teaching you how to make it, you don’t have enough faith in us! 


How to Bake – CBD Chocolate Cake of Craziness

So, this is a recipe that comes in two stages, the cake and the frosting. Before you start, there’s a decision to be made, and that’s whether you’re going to double up your CBD content by using CBD butter in both. If you’re only going to use one or the other, we suggest using CBD butter for the cake and normal butter for the frosting. 


The Frosting

Let’s start with the topping, because we’ve never been ones for conventional order. 

You’ll need:


Butter (CBD or otherwise)

Caster sugar

Milk of your choice

Vanilla extract

Coffee Powder (optional, but it gives a tasty kick, espresso powder is the best option)



Get your cocoa and mix it together in a bowl until you have a tasty looking mixture all ready to go, lick a bit off the spoon, because obviously. 

Add your sugar and milk and mix (preferably using a mixer, but if you want to try and whisk this feel free, it’ll give your arms a good workout, maybe try some of this CBD whey protein powder to get your pre-workout on beforehand though, it’s chocolate favour, to keep the theme).

Chuck in a tad of vanilla extract, and a little sprinkle of coffee if you’re using it, and mix it up some more. Once you’ve got a tasty buttercream mix, you’re all good to go. 

We’d put measurements here, but we don’t use them, we intentionally make too much so we’ve got frosting leftover to put with other things or just to eat with a spoon in a state of delirium in the office. 


The CBD Chocolate Cake it’self

Now, for the meat of the matter, or the cake of the matter, I guess. For this you will need:

Cocoa powder (about 100g)

Eggs (two large)

Flour (About 250g)

Milk of your choice (about 250ml)

CBD Butter (About 150g)

Vegetable oil (125ml)

Caster sugar (about 350g)

Baking powder (a good, heaped teaspoon)

Bicarbonate of soda (another good, heaped teaspoon)

You can throw in a bit more vanilla extract here if you fancy too



Get your cake tins and grease them up (use normal butter here, no need to waste your tasty CBD butter) and get all of your ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Get a whisk, and go mad with it until everything is good and mixed together. 

Clean the mess up from the kitchen before it dries and you have an added touch of chocolate cake decoration.

Boil up about 275ml of water, and add it to your mixture slowly, don’t worry that’s it’s basically a liquid now, you just added loads of water to it, it makes sense. 

Split the mixture between your cake tins and bake for around 35-40 mins, keep the temperature lower than you usually would here so you don’t lose the CBD in the butter (see the CBD butter recipe for more information). 

Once your cakes are done, leave them to cool. 

Get some of your frostings over the first half of the cake, and then add the other half. Carefully (like, proper carefully) extract the cake from the tin and place it on a large plate. Tip as much of the rest of your frosting over the top of that thing as you possibly can. 

Decorate your cake with sprinkles, marshmallows, or whatever your freaky head can come up with to make it tastier. 

Pretend you’re going to leave it to cool, and instead just start eating that sexy creature straight away. 


Have you tried this recipe? What do you think of our Chocco CBD Carnival Cake of Craziness? Let us know in the comments below.

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