How Long to Hold CBD Oil Under the Tongue?

How Long to Hold CBD Oil Under the Tongue?


So, you’ve got your CBD oil, you’re ready to take it orally, you place a couple of drops under your tongue… now what? How long do you leave CBD oil under the tongue? 

It’s weird but hardly anyone actually mentions this, they tell you to put it under your tongue, and then you’re just left to your own devices to leave it there as long as you fancy. 

To be fair, that attitude is fine, I mean, you can just swallow it straight up if you want, if the whole holding it under your tongue thing feels like a nuisance. 

Alternatively, you can leave it there for a second or an hour (don’t leave it there for an hour, it’ll be hella uncomfortable), it isn’t the difference between it working or not working. 

However, there is a belief that holding CBD oil under your tongue for a certain amount of time can enhance the effectiveness of this popular cannabinoid. 


The One Minute Philosophy

Most CBD specialists you speak to will tell you to try and hold CBD oil under your tongue for around 60 seconds for ultimate effectiveness. We’ll get into why in a second, but first:


The As Long as you Can Philosophy

To be honest, the 60-second thing is an achievable goal, the truth in the opinion of most (us included) is that the longer you can leave CBD oil under your tongue, the better it is likely to be for the overall effectiveness. 


What’s All This About Effectiveness? 

So why do we keep saying effectiveness? 

Simple, because when it comes to CBD, the general consensus is that the more bioavailable the cannabinoid is, the more potential benefit there is to be gained from it. 

Bioavailability is essentially how easily something is absorbed by the body, the more bioavailable it is, the better it is absorbed, and the more benefit you should be able to get from it. 

One of, if not the most bioavailable method of taking CBD is by putting it under the tongue, where it can be easily absorbed by the body. 

That is not to say that after you swallow the oil it stops being absorbed, there’s just a lot of systems and organs around for it to pass through first, so the oil will lose a little of its bioavailability on the way down. 


Does That Really Make a Difference? 

That kind of depends on your really. Many people probably won’t notice the difference at all, but there is a difference, and for some, perhaps those who have lower level tolerances to CBD, there can be a notable increase in the effects of CBD oil. 


How Much CBD Oil Should I Use? 

It’s sensible to not consider a dosage in terms of the number of drops you take, but instead through the strength of the oil. Once you’ve found the right CBD oil for you, a couple of drops under the tongue is the best way. 

Obviously, there’s an exception to this, and that’s when you’re finding your tolerance level. As we always say, start with a low dose, and build your way up. To do this, add a couple of drops each time until you find your level, but as soon as your bottle is empty, make sure your next oil is the right strength for a few drops to give you what you need. That way you’re not buying a new bottle every week! 

Once you’ve found your level, and you’re using a couple of drops of CBD, pop them under your tongue, and see how long you can hold them for. See if it makes any difference to you, we’d be intrigued to know whether you’re one of the people that feels it. 


How long do you hold CBD under your tongue for? Does it make a difference for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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