Can I Take CBD Oil Before the Gym?

Can I Take CBD Oil Before the Gym?


Recently, there has been talk of CBD oil being a sensible addition to the pre-workout regime, but ‘Can I Take CBD Oil Before the Gym?’, and perhaps equally importantly, should you take CBD before a workout?

For those amongst you who like to hit the gym on a regular basis, you know how important your pre-workout routine is to get body and mind ready to aim at those personal bests and body goals. So can CBD help with this? 

Let’s find out. 


The Case For Can I Take CBD Oil Before the Gym?

You are likely to find a lot of claims online about what CBD definitely does, and how CBD has been described as a miracle or marvel compound because of the wide range of benefits. 

You’re not going to get that here, because we like to focus on facts, and most of these claims simply haven’t been proved yet. The science is being done, and if these things are proven, we will scream them from the rooftops, but until then, we are only going to discuss potential unless the science backs up the claim. 

The main reason people crow about CBD as a pre-workout supplement of sorts is due to the belief that it can extend and even increase the runner’s high. If you’re active, you’re likely to know about the runner’s here, that boost of anandamide that hits after or towards the end of a workout and leaves you buzzing naturally. This is usually a short term feeling, but there are claims that CBD can extend it. 

CBD is also thought be many to assist focus, which is handy before the gym, as the battle is in your mind as much as with your body, so if your concentration and mental capacity is high, you can likely expect better results. 


The Case Against Can I Take CBD Oil Before the Gym?

There isn’t much of a case against, as such. There is nothing to suggest that CBD is dangerous before a workout out, it isn’t psychoactive like THC is (we definitely wouldn’t suggest getting high before a workout!) so it shouldn’t affect your abilities or coordination. 

The main against point, really, is the number of claims around CBD that are as yet unproven. There’s no apparent reason not to try it if you want to, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest it helps, and if you want to add your story, we’re always here to listen. 

Recently, there has been talk of CBD oil being a sensible addition to the pre-workout regime, but can you take CBD before a workout? And perhaps equally importantly, should you take CBD before a workout?


Is CBD Good for After a Workout? 

So, that’s pre-workout covered as much as it can be, but that leaves a logical next question, is CBD good as part of your post-workout routine? 

During post-workout, there are two main things your body needs to focus on, one is recovery, and the other is muscle development. 

Many claim that CBD has pain-relieving qualities, and as it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps to manage pain, that’s certainly possible, and if it is the case, then it is likely to help with post-workout recovery, and relieving those aches and pains that can come after a hearty session. 

The other interesting thing to consider is the discussion that CBD may lower cortisol levels. If it does (and it may, but it isn’t proven yet) then this could promote muscle development, as cortisol reduces protein synthesis, which is needed for muscle development and growth as well as muscle recovery. 

Throw in the potential for CBD to provide anti-anxiety effects and aid sleep (again, claims that are made but as yet unproven) and the cannabinoid has as much potential after a workout as it does before it. 


Do you use CBD before or after a workout? Why not tell us all about it in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you. 

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